Wednesday, August 3, 2011

summer work

Oh how busy life can beee
I have been spending my post grad summer planning my soon-to-be wedding and enjoying some quality time with the fam. I am marrying my best friend in just a month and will be moving over to the west coast :) but of course! there is always more planning and packing to be done.
I very much so look forward to sitting in my new house at my new table with my new husband eating a lovely meal together and laughing about our day. 
It will be wonderful.

These new brides are from a commission I did earlier this summer for a bridal gift.

I think I will always enjoy drawing brides..


  1. So pretty! The gal with the pink bg is my favorite!!!! :)

  2. very cute. like the new gestures too. :D more personality. these are fun.