Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Cupcake

the brides 

ahh the last project of my college career!

I started the semester knowing I wanted to create a children's book but wanted to visit a local school for inspiration. The classes I was able to work with were a lot of fun! I brought found objects into the class and had the student draw characters from them. It was really interesting seeing how each first grader created such different things from the same object. From that experience I decided I wanted my thesis to focus on cupcakes. I decided to make a twenty-four page book, and from those I chose three to take to final using felt and thread.

Now how did the brides come about?
Wellllll the brides were created when I could no longer stand baked goods :) They were a wonderful relaxing sub-thesis.

Ringling has been a great season full of learning, discovering, and amazing individuals. I couldn't have found a more beautiful group of friends anywhere in the world.

I know the future holds great adventures for us all


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